Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday With Mom 6

This is very late getting out today. Let  me catch you up on what's going on with me right now because I'm sure you don't have enough problems of your own and you've just been dying to read someone's whining and complaining (note the sarcasm)! I've mentioned this before but in case you are not keeping a running tally of everything that goes on in my life here it goes again (please feel free to fall asleep at this point in the story): I'm working on my master's in library science in addition to holding down my full-time job as a middle school teacher. One of our classes has involved an excessive amount of reading. Now, mind you, I love to read and ordinarily being assigned to read so many books would not bother me in the least, especially since these happen to be generally really good reads. The problem is that I've had to write about each of those books. I like writing on my blog because I can be sarcastic and silly, but I'm so drained from all this formal writing. I spend every spare minute these days mainly trying to write something. My craft room is a disaster, but husband has had to live off takeout, and my poor students have enjoyed second-rate teaching at best. I've got two weeks left in these courses and then I'm grabbing my life back, at least for a little while before the next semester begins.
Okay, wake up now. I'm through whining and I have some pretties to show you! For this Monday with Mom we decided to use our embossing folders and add a little extra dimension with chalking or sponging. Here's a look at mine. No images except for a great sentiment stamp from SNS called True Friend .

Now, take a look at what Mom did with her cuttlebug and some awesome coloring on the image!

Just beautiful, huh! Guess she hasn't been reading and writing essays! Guess that's just my excuse! Look things are going to be kinda quiet around here for a while, but I'm thinking about all my online friends and blogging buddies and cannot wait to get back to "Life as I knew it" (by the way that's almost the title of one of the books I've recently read)! Be patient with me my dear friends!